Promotional Lighters - Ignite Your Promotion!

printed lighters

Promotional lighters UK are suppliers of printed promotional lighters. We provide a range of carefully chosen lighter products available to be printed with your company details. We are confident that we will provide you with lighters to enhance any business marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

Our promotional lighters include the popular LED lighter and the traditional flint lighter. We are also suppliers of the increasingly popular bottle opener lighter, a promotional product which doubles as a lighter and a bottle opener providing you with two promotional products in one handy item.

Printed lighters are used by a wide range of industries to promote their products and services. We have been established since 2001 and our client base has expanded to include both large and small businesses around the UK. Unlike many other promotional lighter suppliers we do not set unreasonable minimum lighter orders.

Lighters can be used to promote any product or company. Here are some examples of the industries that are making excellent use of our printed lighters to promote their business.

Lighters are ideal for selling behind the bar in pubs, old english text print being a firm favourite amongst historic public houses and inns.

Night Clubs
Lighters are often sold in vending machines placed in nightclubs as a superb way to advertise. Our trendy lighters with a built in LED are a perfect advertising tool for your night club.

Lighters are a fantastic way to promote your trendy bar in town, as lighters are often used by the young people who frequent your venue.

Music/band Merchandise
Sell a lighter with your bands logo on merchandise stands at gigs. Highly desirable for fans who want to take a memento of their experience!

Hotels often order printed lighters to sell in their bars or shops. Replacing matchbooks as a better way to advertise.

Sell lighters behind the counter of your cafe to promote your business to customers. Try out our flint lighters today!

Whatever your promotional needs are, our lighters are the perfect enhancement to your promotion and marketing efforts. Improve your brand awareness and ensure that your clients do not forget your contact details using our promotional items.

All of our products are manufactured to BS and European safety standards.